Food Safety: A Challenge for Everyone in Public Health

food safetyOverview

Foodborne disease has long been a public health challenge and continues to threaten lives. Now, more than ever, protecting the nation's food supply is a total team effort, with some rather unexpected partners. During this broadcast, our case will depict a foodborne disease outbreak of E. coli in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that required a coordinated, rapid, and comprehensive response from a range of local, state, and federal public health agencies. Join us as we discuss the emerging risks of foodborne disease and explore strategies for a safer future.


To illustrate contemporary food safety strategies and how they are carried out by various partners, as well as to promote a national dialogue among public health leaders and professionals on the public health response to foodborne disease outbreaks.


  • Define a foodborne disease outbreak.
  • Identify the roles of federal, state, and local public health agencies in responding to an outbreak of foodborne disease.
  • Describe the current procedure for reporting a foodborne disease outbreak.
  • Identify resources for information and education on food safety.